Finding Your Own Voice

“It has been there always, but it is a very still, small voice because it was suppressed when you were a very small child, and the voice was very small, just a sprout, and it was covered with all kinds of crap. And now you go on carrying that crap and you have forgotten the plant that is your life, which is still alive, waiting for you to discover it. Discover your voice and then follow it with no fear.

“Wherever it leads, there is the goal of your life, there is your destiny. It is only there that you will find fulfillment, contentment. It is only there that you will blossom – and in that blossoming,  Osho

 (Reinhören) E-Dance-Trance-Ambient; Pop; Blues; Jazz zum Tanzen oder hören mit allen Sinnen. "Ungewöhnliche Musik für ungewöhnliche Menschen". Wer CD's mit Cover haben möchte, über Kontakt bestellen. DANKE

Einatmen, ausatmen, Pause, lächeln